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CNN’s Eatocracy lists Comfort Me with Offal in its holiday gift guide:

Even if you’re not familiar with Ruth Bourdain - the unholy Twitter-borne mash-up of Ruth Reichl and Anthony Bourdain - the food freak in your life is. RuBo, as she(?) is known to fans, won the inaugural James Beard Award for humor writing, and brings ever bit of that biting wit to this send-up of modern-day food fanaticism. – Comfort Me with Offal: Ruth Bourdain’s Guide to Gastronomy ($19.99)

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Where Food Meets Porn: Ruth Bourdain And 50 Shades Of Chicken Author F.L. Fowler Reveal All

If there’s anything that’s become a Big Thing this year, it’s the twisted combo of food and sex, immortalized in book form.  The reigning Emperor/ress of Food Porn for years has been Ruth Bourdain, whose book Comfort Me With Offal quaked the loins of food lovers everywhere. But when F.L. Fowler recently published 50 Shades Of Chicken, a cookbook about a shy young chick with an undeniable, juicy appeal, we couldn’t help but wonder: What the f*** is up with the people f***ing their food?

And it’s not only chefs. Ruth Bourdain skewers critics, consumers, and restaurant staff. You’ll see yourself somewhere in this book. Maybe you’re a Carniwhore, a fan of sexy butchers—BILFs. Perhaps you know a Dining Digerati who won’t eat without blogging. I fear I may be a burgeoning Yeasthead, searching after the perfect artisan loaf. And wherever you sit, according to Ruth Bourdain, it’s open season on sommeliers, after all, everyone feels inferior to the sommelier.

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