Exclusive Excerpt: Culinary Code: A Guide to Food Acronyms

Whether you are conversing with a friend on instant messenger while searching for recipes online, texting from your smartphone while cooking, or tweeting from your favorite restaurant, you need to know how to communicate quickly and succinctly. In-the-know, technologically-savvy gastronomes use these acronyms to convey key culinary information using the latest technology.

FMLP: Fuck my liver pâté.

G2GSR: Got to go stir risotto

IMHO: In my hot oven

FYI: For your ingredient

AP: Asparagus pee

LMAO: Laughing my All-Clad off

NSFW: Not safe for whisking

BRB: Braising ribs in Barolo

RPDOTFL: Rolling pie dough on the floor laughing

FTW: For the wok

WYWH: Wish you weren’t haggis

SVMA: Sous-vide my ass

TGIF: Thank God it’s falafel

STFO: Shut the fucking oven

WWJGVD: What would Jean-Georges Vongerichten do?

AWOL: Absent without lard

BTW: Boneless thighs and wings

BTB: Better than Batali

RAD: Really al dente


TTYL: Taste the yogurt later

JK: Just kale

NIMBY Not in my blender, yo!

IM: Incredible mouthfeel

IRL: In restaurant lavatories

SMH: Shaking my hazelnuts

INFL: It’s no French Laundry

SOC: So over cupcakes

TLC: Tastes like chicken


—From Comfort Me with Offal, Ruth Bourdain’s Guide to Gastronomy, Andrews McMeel Publishing, LLC