Comfort Me with Offal: The Definitive Manual for Eating, Drinking, and Fondling Food

Carniwhores (Homo mediumrareus) from Comfort Me with Offal's Field Guide to the Modern Foodie
Carniwhores (Homo mediumrareus) from Comfort Me with Offals “Field Guide to the Modern Foodie.”

For some time, I’ve been thinking about how I can leave a lasting legacy and teach the world what I’ve learned from a lifetime devoted to all things food (except tempeh, of course).

After many long hours spent distilling this knowledge into (200 proof) book form, I bring you Comfort Me with Offal: Ruth Bourdain’s Guide to Gastronomy (available Sept. 4, 2012).

Not since Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin’s landmark The Physiology of Taste has there been a more comprehensive guide to the world of food and wine.

Painstakingly fact-checked by Jonah Lehrer, this practical handbook covers everything from food history to dining etiquette to matters of taste and gives you the basics on all aspects of gastronomy, including:

Mind, Body, Palate: Gastro-yoga With Rick Bayless

  • A food timeline, from the dawn of man to the modern era
  • The importance of celebrity chef hairstyles
  • Mind, Body, Palate: Gastro-yoga with Rick Bayless
  • Achieving the orgasmic potential of chocolate
  • Culinary pick-up lines
  • The twenty types of offal you need to eat before you die
  • Becoming a “master baster” on Thanksgiving
  • A field guide to the modern foodie, from carniwhores to gastrosexuals
  • Essential exercises for bulking up your tastebuds

Along the way, Comfort Me With Offal features personal essays from my memoirs in food, including appearances from many of the world’s most renowned chefs, from Julia Child to Mario Batali to Gordon Ramsay.


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